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  • ✓ A must-have for key client or associate meetings
  • ✓ Critical information for conferences and negotiations
  • ✓ Vital in acquiring new customers and new associate relationships
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56235 firms in 33 Countries

Filing Analytics displays reciprocal business relationships for patent filings in all relevant jurisdictions. It accesses more than twenty national and international patent filing databases and searches and analyzes the information based on your criteria in a matter of seconds. The search results are displayed in a visualized and purpose-built format for any law firm of your choice. Through cross linkage between all data you can delve into more detail if needed. And finally you can download the search results as a report and send it to your mailbox.

Filing Analytics is a must-have tool, if you want to know, who foreign associates send their work to, who foreign corporations send their work to or who sends work to your competitors – both local and foreign. The information is vital for any Intellectual Property professional to acquire new customers and new associate relationships, to prepare for conferences, meetings and negotiations and to deliver impactful marketing. With this technology you can spend more time winning new business and serving existing clients, and less time searching massive datasets on various websites.

Reciprocity Overview

Reciprocity Overview

Case exchange between law firms in a given country including law firm names, number of filings and case details.

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Filing strategy and volumes of PCT and Paris Convention filings for any corporate to get an overview of the existing agent network.

Filings Overview per Region

Filings Overview per Region

Total number of filings for corporates and law firms or per technology for any selected region worldwide to strategically plan your opportunities and meetings.

Firm Reports


Download Filing Analytics OnDemand reports or enjoy unlimited access with full Filing Analytics Standard license. Firm reports include:

  • Summary of patent reciprocity activity for your country
  • National and international client lists
  • Filing strategy and volumes of PCT and Paris Convention Filings
  • Technology area of patent applications
  • Upcoming National Phase Entries/Regional Phase Entries
  • International patent reciprocity overview including law firm names, number of filings and case details

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Filing Analytics is available now for mobile as well. Whether you want to quickly know, who foreign associates and corporates send their work to, or even which countries they are filing into, just log in and you have the information at your fingertips.

Download the App today for fast and easy access to Filing Analytics anytime, anywhere.

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On demand

Download firm reports as needed

USD/€ 49.99 per report

Filing Analytics OnDemand gives you access to worldwide listings of law firms. Create a Filing Analytics OnDemand account to browse firms and download law firm reports. The first report is complimentary. You can purchase further reports as required.

Upgrade your Filing Analytics OnDemand account at any time to Filing Analytics full license. Just contact us.

Filing Analytics

The professional full version of Filing Analytics

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Filing Analytics Standard gives you full access to our database of law firms and corporates including cross linkage between data for better insight.

Access the law firms' reciprocity activity to see their sent and received filings including case details, the number of pending PCTs and the predicted number of filings. You can download unlimited number of law firm reports.

See the filing strategy and volumes of PCT and Paris Convention filings for any corporate to get an overview of their existing agent network. Spot workflow trends - who is trending up, who down.

With the Map Explore tool you can view the top applicants including their filing volumes in any area globally to analyze where real business opportunities exist. You can also see the law firms that represent those applicants including their reciprocity activity.

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