Law firms

Firm Name   Sent to ${countryPerspective}   Received from ${countryPerspective}   Ratio   Predicted ${countryPerspective} Filings   Pending PCT   Total number of national filings Total Incoming Agency   State  
ICB Ingénieurs Conseils en Brevets
Isler & Pedrazzini
Rentsch & Partner
Frei Patent Attorneys
Hepp Wenger Ryffel
Bohest IP
E Blum & Co
Latscha Schöllhorn Partner
M. Zardi & Co
Keller & Partner
Reuteler & Cie
Andre Roland
Givaudan Patents
Schneider Feldmann
Leman Consulting
Moinas & Savoye
Schaad Balass Menzl & Partner
Riederer Hasler & Partner
Luchs & Partner
RA Egli & Co
Ok Pat
Felber & Partner
Intellectual Property Services GmbH
Novagraaf IP
Da Vinci Partners
Micheli & Cie
Amman Patent Fiirm
Abrema Agence Brevets et Marques
Schmauder & Partner
PGA srl
Fabiano, Franke & Mgt Sagl
Gevers Sa
Gresset & Laesser Neuchâtel
Dr Graf & Partner
Schneiter & Vuille
Braunpat Braun Eder
Dr Lusuardi
Kasche & Partner AG
Spierenburg & Partner
VENI: Swiss & European Patent Attorneys
Suisse Technology Partners
Griffes Consulting
Industrial Property Services Gmbh
Freigutpartners IP Law Firm

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