Law firms

Firm Name   Sent to ${countryPerspective}   Received from ${countryPerspective}   Ratio   Predicted ${countryPerspective} Filings   Pending PCT   Total number of national filings Total Incoming Agency   State  
LexOrbis IP Practice
K & S Partners
Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan
R K Dewan & Co.
S. Majumdar & Co.
Khurana & Khurana
Lall Lahiri & Salhotra
Remfry & Sagar
Krishna & Saurastri Associates
Gopakumar Nair Associates
Subramaniam Nataraj & Associates
ipMetrix Consulting Group
Patentwire Consultants Pvt
Anand & Anand
Legasis Partners
Hasan And Singh
Saikrishna & Associates
Origiin IP Services
DePenning & DePenning
Obhan & Associates
Vutts & Associates, Advocates
Khaitan & Co
M/s. Bhate & Ponkshe
StratJuris Partners

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