Alef Gimel (IL)

Number of Pending PCT Applications
Number of IL Filings
Number of filings received from IL firms
Number of EP filings
Number of filings received from EU firms
Predicted number of EP filings

Alef Gimel (IL) Report

Download on demand reports or enjoy unlimited access with an enterprise account. The firm report for Alef Gimel (IL) includes:

  • Summary of patent reciprocity activity for Alef Gimel (IL)
  • Recent filings into and from your chosen country including case details
  • Client list of PCT filings with applicant details
  • Clients of Alef Gimel (IL): Number of applications filed where firm did not draft the originating priority or PCT application
  • Technology area of PCT applications
  • Technology area of Paris Convention Filings for incoming and outgoing cases
  • Upcoming NPE/RPE for PCT applications including case details
  • Patent reciprocity activity per country, total number of applications sent to and received from foreign filing agents

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