Listen to how Filing Analytics has helped law firms grow their business worldwide

IP Fridays Podcast Series

Business Development For IP Lawyers – Audio interview with Ray Moser and Doris Spielthenner for the IP Fridays team.

Filing Analytics is described as ‘Crack for IP attorneys’ in this IP Friday’s insightful podcast – discussing current deficiencies in law firm business development and best tools and practices to transform. Doris Spielthenner of CPA Global and Ray Moser of Moser Taboada cover: referrals, networking, reciprocity, using big data to identify and qualify leads, and optimising and building your agent network. Listeners are offered a free trial of Filing Analytics, which enables law firms to see who is filing applications, when they file it, what’s available in your country, what’s pending filing – and specifics on each company, agents and what law firms they are using.

To listen to the interview, visit the IP Friday site here.