Frequently Asked Questions

What databases are used in Filing Analytics (FA)?

FA accesses data from 152 countries, from various national and regional patent offices as well as IP1D, the CPA Global database for corporate data.

What type of IP is included within FA?

FA includes patents and utility models, but it excludes divisional, continuation applications, designs and trademarks.

How often is FA updated?

Updates are performed weekly for most countries depending on the update frequency of national and international databases.

Which countries are covered in FA?

FA currently covers PCT and filing data from 152 countries with detailed agent and attorney information from the following countries:


*limited data

Possible reasons why some countries have limited agent data in FA are most likely due to there being no centralised or interoperable database that FA can access.

You only list 33 countries in BROWSE, how can I access other countries?

FA only presents a list of key countries under BROWSE.

To access data from other countries you can:

(1) Search for the applicant or Law Firm directly in the SEARCH window. Make sure to select ‘applicant’ when searching for an applicant.

(2) Use Map Explore to zoom into any region of the world. Note that the data shown will be for all of the geographic area shown in the square map. If you type “Paris” and have half of France and half of Germany in the map, it will show data for exactly the x/y coordinates visible in the square.

Does FA display only accepted patents and the number of PCT applications?

FA displays all patents and the number of PCT applications that have been published, regardless of whether they have been accepted or not.

What is the difference between PCT+Outgoing Clients and Agency Clients?

“PCT+Outgoing Clients” lists patent applicants for whom the selected law firm drafted the originating PCT or outgoing application.
“Agency Clients” lists patent applicants for whom the selected law firm has received business where another firm has drafted the originating PCT or outgoing application.

What is the difference between Incoming Cases and Outgoing Cases (in the Technology view)?

“Incoming Cases” refers to National/Regional Phase applications (under PCT and Paris Convention) received by a selected firm within each technology area.

“Outgoing Cases” refers to all outgoing NPE/RPE in which the selected law firm originated the PCT or Paris Convention priority application.

How is the information on technology of patent applications determined?

We determine the Technology area by the top-level IPC code on the application. Each IPC code maps against a top level NACE code, which is then mapped against the 7 technology areas in Filing Analytics. The mapping follows the Concordance table published by EuroStat of the European Union.

Why are some 'Filed By' or 'Sent To' fields under Recent Filings empty?

This can have two reasons:

The application might have been self-filed. So for a British applicant self-filing GB or PCT/GB applications the field would be empty.

The PCT The Patent and Trademark Office has not yet published the information, and we have not yet received it and been able to update our database.

Is the Filed/Due Date in Recent Filings (Applicants) the date of the entry into the national phase?

Yes, the Filed/Due Date displays the entry into national phase.

How is the sending agent determined at national stage entry?

When the case is filed through national stage in two or more countries, the law firm who filed the priority application (PCT or Paris Convention) will be listed as the agent who sent the filings to the foreign agents.

What time span is covered in the download report?

The downloaded report includes all applications three years prior to download date based on the deadline (PCT 31 months/Paris Convention 12 months) e.g. report run on Feb 8 2017 will include published national phase applications where the priority date of the PCT application has a priority date on or after 2011-07-08 (31-month national phase deadline of 2014-02-08); and direct Paris Convention applications where filing date of the complete application was on or after 2014-02-08.

What time span is covered in Filing Analytics when I select time period equals 'All Available'?

‘All Available’ covers approximately five years of historical data for most jurisdictions in the FA database.

While Browsing Law Firms, what does the number under 'Total Incoming Agency' refer to?

This is the number of filings received by a firm, where the selected law firm did not file the original application.

Upcoming RPE Apps: how far into the future do you look?

Upcoming RPE Apps displays cases with pending due dates 12 months into the future.

What types of patent filings does Map Explore include?

PCT and Paris Convention Filings, based on the Application address.

Why are law firms from different areas appearing in Map Explore?

Map Explore shows the filing address of the Applicant, not the corresponding law firm. Occasionally, even a firm from a different country will appear under “Top Firms” because an Applicant is using this firm to draft their PCT applications.

What does the field 'Exclude Applicant Filed' in the Map Explore mean?

If you tick this box all cases where the applicant has filed the patent without any assistance of a law firm will not be listed on this screen.

Why would a case be missing from FA?

A few possible reasons exist why a specific case may be missing from our database:

  • The case is a EP Validation, and EP Validations do not appear in FA.
  • The case was assigned to a law firm other than the one searched or selected.
  • Some updates may take 3-6 months to be published which delays when we receive the respective data.
  • Cases in FA only appear when 2 or more law firms from separate countries have filed.