Business development has never been easier with Filing Analytics new Watch and Connect features

Business development made easy

Set alerts to protect your client base

Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new client than to keep an existing one? Acquiring new clients is important for business success, yet it’s retaining existing clients that accelerates profitable growth. Now you can easily protect your client base with Filing Analytics new Watch feature.

Set up alerts and receive notifications of critical changes that occur with your existing clients or even your competitors! Receive alerts when:

  • A law firm begins using another law firm for filings in your jurisdiction
  • An applicant uses a new law firm in your jurisdiction
  • An applicant starts to self-file

Easily setup and manage your alerts. Search for the law firm or applicant in Filing Analytics and click the Watch button on their profile page to set up an alert.

Connecting you to more business opportunities

In today’s changing economy, the right connections are critical for your law firm to thrive. Filing Analytics new PI Connect feature is your fast track to success. It connects you to other law firms to easily set up new strategic alliances.

Uncover ideal partner firms through Filing Analytics, click on the PI Connect button and request an introduction based on your business needs. Once a connection is established with the right IP practitioner within the firm, the relationship is handed back to you.

Say goodbye to tedious introductory emails or cold calling. PI Connect takes the work out of networking.

Don’t have an active Filing Analytics account? Get in touch with our team to get started.