Filing Analytics moves forward with CPA Global

As of the 16th August, Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle became part of the CPA Global product family.

We would like to share some exciting news with you.

As of the 16th August, Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle became part of the CPA Global product family.

For all of our Practice Insight customers we would like to thank you for believing in the value of Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle early on, and for the trust you have placed in us over the years.  Thank you, for being part of our growth journey, just as the data insights from our tools have become instrumental to your own growth.

We strongly believe that CPA Global will be a great new home for Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle and that both products will be propelled forward through new innovations and access to the most unique data sources in the industry.

CPA Global has a long history of collaborating with IP law firms and this transaction underlines their ongoing commitment to enable law firm customers to incorporate even more insight into their IP decision-making. You as the customer will benefit the most from the leading information edge and the synergies obtained by being part of the CPA family.

In terms of continuity, you don’t have to worry. Key contacts whom you’ve come to know over the years, such as our customer care team, our head of IP product engineering, Ivan Li, and our General Manager, Doris Spielthenner will be part of the journey to ensure you will enjoy uninterrupted service and the highest level of care.

For Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle Customers
As you would appreciate, as a consequence of this event, we will novate Practice Insight Pty Ltd customer contract to CPA Global Software Solutions (UK) Ltd (‘CPA’). By continuing to use Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle, you agree that on and from today your existing contract is novated to CPA on the same terms as your current contract.
This means that CPA will honor all the commercial terms we’ve signed with our customers, and we hope the most notable change you see will be the new color of the paper, and your immediate access to a world of IP opportunities and innovation. As part of this process, we will provide relevant information, such as your representative’s contact details, in order to ensure a seamless transition to CPA.

For Our Future Customers
For the next little while Practice Insight will still act as a reseller of both, Filing Analytics and Citation Eagle, and should you choose to join the pioneering group of customers within the next four weeks, we will reward your decisiveness with a 20% discount!

Any questions you may have, please direct them to or where we will help you further.

Please join us in celebrating an exciting new step into the future of IP intelligence!

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