Practice Insight launches Filing Analytics for big data analysis

Filing Analytics gives companies and law firms comprehensive insights into the global patent market

There are tools available for various business areas to generate and analyze large volumes of data, but intellectual property professionals have so far not had access to such a tool to analyze the global patent market. Filing Analytics from the Australian Big Data specialist Practice Insight offers patent professionals a comprehensive, transparent insight into the global patent business.

Tools for generating and analyzing large quantities of data help companies to extract value from the data and use the insight for faster and fact-based decision making. Filing Analytics from Practice Insight is a suite of software and data analysis tools for intellectual property professionals in companies and law firms. It gives a transparent picture of the international patent market. The tool provides an overview of reciprocity in all relevant jurisdictions, patent firms’ client lists to help detect possible conflicts of interest, and insight into the patent strategies of these clients.

Filing Analytics accesses more than twenty national and international patent filing databases. The software searches and analyzes the data and produces a report for intellectual property professionals in a matter of minutes. The report can be refined using specific criteria, such as country, time period or law firm, so that the user has access to the information he needs for his day-to-day work. Practice Insight offers three versions of Filing Analytics with varying functions: Filing Analytics Standard, Filing Analytics Pro and Filing Analytics OnDemand. Filing Analytics Standard offers unlimited reports, including cross linkage between data. Filing Analytics Pro combines the functionality of Filing Analytics Standard with the unique “Licensing Alerts” service, which notifies intellectual property specialists of the most recent patents granted that are relevant to their clients, to enable prompt notification of time-sensitive opposition windows, and to alert their clients of potential licensing opportunities with respect to their existing patent portfolios. With Filing Analytics OnDemand, the user can request a comprehensive report on the patent activities of one law firm of their choice.